Outstanding staff and vets. We bring our kitties here and have always received the best care. We've seen Dr. Koomalsingh twice this year and she has been so great. She's very good with our cat, even the grumpy one likes her. She gave them each a physical and trimmed their claws with no fussing from either them. She's truly a cat whisperer. My only issue with CCHP is to make sure you always know what you're paying for. A few visits ago I asked to have my cats' nails trimmed but was not informed that it was $20 per cat. Ultimately, they did a great job, and it was easier than trying to do it myself, but the $40 hit would have been nice to know about upfront. While CCPH are on the more expensive side, you can't put a price on your best friend's health nor the friendly compassion of vets and technicians who care.

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