1. The entire staff at Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital is very knowledgeable and friendly. I appreciate their efforts in providing great service to our pets. They are the best in town!

    Catherine P.
  2. Dr. K is an amazing vet and a wonderful, caring person. She always takes the time to answer questions and goes the extra mile for her patients.

    Stacey M.
  3. Was able to get an appointment right away. Very professional staff.

    Leslie P.
  4. We had an urgent issue with our Poodle and Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital was able to see our baby within hours of our call. We were able to see the doctor immediately - he addressed our issue and our dogs discomfort professionally and knowledgeably!

  5. I was totally impressed, especially as it was my first time visiting the clinic. I was very happy with the follow call by both the Doctor with the blood results and by the office staff after the visit. Good job!

    Mary S.
  6. Always courteous, I especially appreciated that when a coughing, clearly ill dog was brought in, the people were very kindly asked to wait outside on the bench in case the dog was contagious. Great bedside manner and thorough.

    Ellen C.
  7. CC has taken care of all of our many pets for many years.

  8. As a long time client over a period of many years, I am always confident that my little pet friends will always receive the best of care. The CC team as a whole has seen me through the tough times with my pets and the easier times. Always caring.

  9. It's always a pleasure to visit, with or without my pets! My boxer dog actually likes to come to your offices.. She starts wagging and getting all excited when I pull up in front of the building. She loves to go in the back with the technicians.

  10. I'm very impressed and happy with the service I received. Dr. Speas and Meglyn (forgive the spelling) were both gentle and caring and did a wonderful job. I'm just very happy and grateful. Thank you so much!

    Christine Q.
  11. Dr Speas has been our vet for many years now. He and his staff are top-notch. It's a 25-mile drive from my home, but I would drive a lot further for the caliber of service and expertise provided by the team at Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital.

  12. I have been taking my cats to Crescenta-Canada Pet Hospital for the last 10 years. Dr. Speas is a wonderful Veterinarian. The staff are knowledgeable, warm and friendly. They go out of their way to help you. I highly recommend them.

    A Google User
  13. Staff is always professional and welcoming!

    Barbara L.
  14. Dr. Speas takes amazing care of our two golden retriever rescues and orange cat. We moved to the east side two years ago, we kept our vet. Dr. Speas is very experienced and knowledgeable, treats our pets with unmatched personal approach and attention.

    Svetla P.
  15. You have taken care all of my families pets. When Edna comes to stay with you I feel that she is going to stay with people who will not only give her food, water and a place to sleep. Rather to people who will care for her. Treat her like their pet.

  16. We have two dogs, Maggie 13, and Cali 8 who have been going to see Dr. Speas for many years. Maggie just started having seizures yesterday, and Dr. Speas has been nothing short of wonderful. We brought her in yesterday and he ran all sorts of tests. Today is his day off and he personally called me from home when I called Gwen this morning and told her Maggie was having another seizure. He prescribed several meds and Maggie is now at home resting comfortably. Thanks to all of you (Dr. Speaks, Dr. Leonard, and Gwen) for all you do. Very few animal hospitals reach out to their patients like you do.. Biggest hugs.

    Sue and Pat
  17. This was the best veterinary visit we have ever had.

  18. Your staff, of course, loves the animals, knows how to professionally handle them, especially when they are cranky. Your staff has always taken the best of care of our cat and has literally saved Tigger's life twice. Thank you.

    Rose F.
  19. Everyone is very helpful and friendly and you're open 7 days a week

  20. Outstanding staff and vets. We bring our kitties here and have always received the best care. We've seen Dr. Koomalsingh twice this year and she has been so great. She's very good with our cat, even the grumpy one likes her. She gave them each a physical and trimmed their claws with no fussing from either them. She's truly a cat whisperer. My only issue with CCHP is to make sure you always know what you're paying for. A few visits ago I asked to have my cats' nails trimmed but was not informed that it was $20 per cat. Ultimately, they did a great job, and it was easier than trying to do it myself, but the $40 hit would have been nice to know about upfront. While CCPH are on the more expensive side, you can't put a price on your best friend's health nor the friendly compassion of vets and technicians who care.

    Yelp Reviewer
  21. I have been coming into this building with my assortment of cats since December 1980. I have always received the best care for my animal and friendship towards me, as a single person, means so much to me. I consider you all at CCPH as my family. xo

  22. After taking my babies to different veterinarians over 50 years - I have found the perfect place. Everyone is so nice and understanding - especially under some emotional circumstances. You are able to relieve our fear and stress.

    Madeleine B.
  23. Very happy with the staff, vet, place, etc. and they even took the time the following day to see how my dog was doing. Extremely happy with the services.

    Maria D.
  24. This is the place you want for the pet you love! The staff are the kindest and most caring people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet and interact with! I can’t say enough incredible things about these wonderful people and this amazing vet! They care soooo much about you and your pet that you know 100% they will make sure you and your pet are okay before you leave.

    Siamonto K.
  25. Friendly, caring and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Speas is the best.

  26. Answered all my questions and made Blue feel comfortable. When they gave him his shot, he didn't even notice. What made me happier was that they called the next day to check on my puppy, Blue. This is how an animal hospital should be. Thank you!

    Erika G.
  27. The fact that my dogs vet always gets on the floor to greet and examine my dogs shows me their main concern is to attempt to comfort my dog who is stressed being in the exam room!

    Erin B.
  28. Always a positive experience, and very professional care. My dogs all love everyone here. I've been coming for about 20 years and recommend Crescenta Canada to all my friends.

    Stacey P.
  29. Great experience with my granddaughter who loves Apollo and wants to make sure Apollo is okay!

  30. The staff are all very warm and friendly. They all help make me feel confident that my cat is in good hands and will be well cared for which eases my anxiety about bringing my animals in!

    Rhonda N.
  31. We are always treated with care and respect and are given clear and thoughtful answers to our questions. It is always a perfect balance of treatment - all that is needed for our pet's health and welfare, and no pressure to spend unnecessarily.

    Ellen & Mike
  32. They are patient and treat pets and their humans with respect. They also have a thorough and communicative process of diagnosis and provide multiple options for budgets and holistic preferences.

    K. Warner
  33. The very professionally and courteously took care of Popeye, my blind dog who can be extremely temperamental. They were reasonably priced and very helpful and supportive of him.

  34. Our family has been coming to your Pet Hospital since 1977. We have always been treated well and our pets exceptionally well. We discovered an emergency situation for our beloved pet, brought him in without calling ahead. He got excellent care.

    Michael P.
  35. Staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I feel they really care about my pets.

  36. I absolutely LOVE Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital. I’ve been going to them for 15 or 16 years. Right now, I travel 20 miles to get to them. The care every member of the staff provides, as well as their reasonable fees, will keep me a loyal customer as long as I can drive there.

    Beth S.
  37. Rocco had his nails trimmed, which he does not like having done. The young lady who trimmed them did a good job, and Rocco wasn't as nervous as he has been in the past. Your employee must have patience and experience, thanks!

    Patrick G.
  38. I drive a distance (from Temple City) to have my greyhounds see Dr. Speas. I am always happy with my decision to do so. What I like most, is the timely manner in which I am seen by the doctor and his assistant. Thank you for another great visit.

    Jane B.
  39. I have to say the wait time has really improved, as I walked in, the front desk had checked me in, so the wait time was very minimal ... less stress for me and the animals!

  40. Clean, friendly, kind, convenient location, and recommended by friends for the excellent care and moderate pricing.

  41. I love every staff member I have ever encountered here, but Dr. Leonard is particularly fantastic. He is always so kind and helpful. In a lifetime of pet ownership and vet visits, I've never had a better, more caring veterinarian. Thank you!

  42. CC Pet Hospital always provides quality care for our dog Cole. Whether on the phone or in-person, the staff is consistently helpful and knowledgeable.

    Patrick M.
  43. Loved that Valie sent e-mail updates on how Stella was doing (and pictures!). Great piece of mind knowing that Stella was in such good hands.

  44. Our 12-year old Standard Poodle has been seeing Dr. Speas since she was 6 months old. She is in excellent health today because of the care and service they provide. Through several emergencies, Dr. Speas Staff have always been there for us.

    Susan D.
  45. My Greyhound injured herself at 7 am and I always know if I call in for an ASAP appointment, there is NEVER a debate or "come at 4:00 pm." Gwynn is GREAT and Dr. K is comforting. My dog was taken right in, and I picked her up at 3:30. Thank you guys.

    Roberta G.
  46. Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital was able to see my dog the day I called (when my regular vet could not). The staff was friendly & helpful, and the doctors were very thorough and spent time helping me to understand the situation and exams and results.

  47. This is my first-time visit with Dr. Speas for my guinea pig, and I am extremely happy with his service. I will definitely recommend him to my other friends who have pets. Thank you again for everything.

  48. We are very happy and thankful for the staff and doctors at CCPH. Thank you for helping us with Zoey's health issues. You guys have been so kind and helpful and have made it a lot less stressful and that is greatly appreciated!

    Nicole R.
  49. I always feel like the staff at CC Pet Hospital really care about the animals in their care. You are all so helpful and it makes the visit that much more pleasant. Thank you.

    Lyndsey U.
  50. I love coming to Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital because I always get fantastic and caring service. The staff love my dog as much as I do.

    Marianne D.
  51. Very kind and knowledgeable.

  52. I've trusted my pets to Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital for 18 years and they are wonderful!

    Chris G.
  53. I found the staff very professional, friendly and patient with Rosie and me. I was happy a time slot was for us after I explained how concerned I was and did not want to wait another day.

    Vicki O.
  54. The staff at Crescenta Canada is always so nice and the doctors are patient and knowledgeable. I have seen many of them and have liked them all.

  55. The BEST veterinarians and care for your pets in the foothills!

  56. Everyone in the office is so kind, makes appointments quickly, and are efficient and loving toward my sweet pets. The Vet is very thorough, and we always feel good going to Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital.

    Laura B.
  57. Such a pleasant experience. The staff at Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital are professional and helpful. I've only been here for my puppies initial check up but he will definitely be a repeat patient.

    Shay M.
  58. I'm waiting for the results from Louie's urinalysis. If it is negative, hopefully Dr. Speas can recommend something for Louie's behavioral problem. Everyone is very personable, friendly and kind. Thank you for your caring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Clean, friendly, kind, convenient location, and recommended by friends for the excellent care and moderate pricing.

  60. We have had consistently good experiences and believe our pet gets quality care. We have recommended you with success.

    Linda E.
  61. Very friendly and helpful staff. Think Dr. Speas is the best... like his very direct, no-nonsense approach to issues. He's a very pragmatic thoughtful person.

    Don M.
  62. Our pets have been patients at Crescenta Canada Pet hospital since 1987. Nick and Cora love doctor Wehbe. Thank you for being there for us!