Dr. Laura Soto

Dr. Soto was born and raised in Southern California and was thrilled to join the wonderful team of doctors at Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital in May of 2022! She attended the University of California, Riverside for undergraduate studies and in 2017 moved to Glendale, Arizona to complete her veterinary education at Midwestern University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Four years later, she moved back to Southern California to start her career in veterinary medicine.

Dr. Soto's passion for veterinary medicine and the human-animal bond stems from the love and emotional support her childhood pets provided during times of stress and conflict at home. She realized that pets can provide a sense of comfort, belonging, and safety. Her goal is to contribute this same sentiment of comfort and compassion to all of her patients.

She has a special interest in soft tissue surgeries, Ophthalmology, and geriatric care. She is also passionate about improving access to veterinary care for those with financial constraints.

In her free time, Dr. Soto enjoys taking naps with her senior Chihuahua Sunny, having a tasty pastry at Porto's, and taking trips along the stunning California coastline.

Dr. Soto is a fluent Spanish speaker.