Sabrina Viguares
Registered Veterinary Technician & Surgical Coordinator
Surgical Coordinator, RVT

Sabrina graduated in 2018 from Cal Poly Pomona in Animal Health Science and got her RVT license in the summer of 2020. Before CCPH she worked with laboratory animals and came here to explore other aspects of veterinary medicine. Her interest is to one day work in wildlife rehabilitation or medicine. While she loves dogs and cats, she especially likes forest animals. She enjoys collecting plants and rocks and hopes to eventually have a large garden of desert plants. Her other interests are arts and crafts, such as drawing, painting, or sewing. Before committing to the vet tech route her plan was to apply to art school and study animation and storyboarding. When she is not working or doing something creative,

She would go to music festivals or be sleeping with her dogs Luna and Jellybean.