Bloodwork Screening for Pets 

Providing a Deep Understanding of Your Pet’s Health

At Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital, we use the latest in diagnostic technology to paint a more accurate picture of your pet’s health and wellness. Your pet’s preventative care plan may include a variety of screenings, including blood work and other routine wellness exams. With anything we recommend, our La Cañada veterinary team will take the time to explain, as well as how we believe it will benefit your pet’s health in the long run.

Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital serves pets in La Crescenta, La Cañada-Flintridge, Montrose, Glendale, Altadena, Pasadena, Sunland, Tujunga, Shadow Hills, and the surrounding areas.

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Diagnostic & Therapeutic Services

Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital has a state of the art in-house laboratory to provide testing for your pets facing a range of issues. In-house testing can help our team obtain results faster than if we had to rely solely on an offsite lab. These fast results can make a big difference in both treating and diagnosing the symptoms. The results of your pet's bloodwork can also help our team piece together your pet's medical history to make informed decisions about their ongoing care.

Bloodwork Screenings for Cats & Dogs

Bloodwork screenings for cats and dogs can check for many issues. Some of the most common things we look at include:

  • Complete Blood Cell Count (CBC) for information about the number and types of blood cells to indicate certain issues. For example, low red blood cells can indicate anemia, and a higher number of white blood cells usually means infection, disease, or inflammation.
  • Blood Chemistry Profile to evaluate organ function, blood sugar, electrolytes, and more. Abnormalities can help our veterinary team choose other tests or begin treatment.
  • Heartworm Testing to help us detect disease. We often combine blood screenings with urinalysis, a fecal exam, or other testing to get a more complete picture.

In-House Laboratory Testing

We make extensive use of our in-house laboratory and radiological imaging to get fast diagnoses for your pets. Bloodwork screenings allow us to test your pet’s internal systems by looking deeper into the smallest components of their biological makeup. Combining these laboratory results with x-ray imaging, wellness exams, and other preventative care techniques, allows the La Crescenta veterinary team to more accurately diagnose ailments and begin treatment faster so we can get your pet back on the road to good health.

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