Laser Veterinary Treatment Service Options

Targeted Treatment for Common Ailments

Laser therapy is an extremely effective treatment option for many ailments that affect pets and humans alike. This treatment option promotes healing through increasing circulation in the affected area, aiding in the cleaning of injured tissues while stimulating cellular metabolism, leading to a decrease in pain.

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If your pet has recently been diagnosed with any of the following conditions, speak with your vet about laser therapy:

  • Arthritis
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Skin conditions, such as hot spots and infections
  • Pain management for sprains
  • Post-surgery pain management, especially for spaying and neutering
  • Scar tissue therapy
  • Dental care
  • Wound treatment

La Crescenta Veterinarian Dedicated to Decreasing Your Pet's Discomfort

We may be able to help reduce the pain your pet is experiencing as a result of these conditions. Have your pet evaluated if you notice limping, an inability to settle, whining, or trembling. Other warning signs include a lack of appetite and difficulty maneuvering through your home, especially up or down stairs.

Expect Immediate Results from Vets You Can Trust

Pain is a common side effect of many of the ailments that we are able to treat through laser therapy. Most often, when a pet begins a laser therapy session, the first sign that the therapy is working is that the animal will suddenly relax, evidencing the fact that their pain is being alleviated. You may notice that your pet sleeps better after a laser therapy session, due to a dramatic decrease in their discomfort.

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