Dr. Katy Baker was born and raised in Bakersfield, California. In thanks to her mother, who is from the UK, Katy was inspired and motivated by James Harriet and set out young to start her career. Those that knew Katy as a child would tell you there was never a single doubt in anyone’s mind when it came to her desire to be a veterinarian. And when Katy makes up her mind, rarely will anything change it. By 12 she was running her own pet-sitting business, and by 15 she was working in veterinary clinics as a kennel assistant. She received her Bachelors of Animal Science from Cal Poly, San Luis Obsipo (alongside Dr. Dodson!) and after working as a senior veterinary technician for 3 years Katy went on to earn her DVM degree from the University of Glasgow in Scotland.

After returning state-side, she lived in Minnesota for several years before returning to California. While Midwest living was lush and beautiful (and also very cold), she, her husband along with two dogs now live in Pasadena, enjoying the milder weather of LA. To this day, Katy counts herself lucky for knowing, with certainty, her career choice, although made very young, was exactly right. She feels exceptionally lucky to be serving the animals and owners of Los Angeles County as a team-member of Crescenta Canada Pet Hospital, an AAHA and a Great Place to Work Certified hospital.