Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Health

We at Crescenta Cañada Pet Hospital have created this page of commonly asked pet health questions to better assist our clients. Our La Crescenta veterinarian team has provided the answers below so that you can become a better informed pet owner. We hope that you can find this page useful when it comes to your pet!

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My dog refuses to eat. Should I be concerned?
Yes, you should be concerned because appetite loss could indicate that your pet has a medical condition or illness that needs to be addressed. We strongly recommend that you seek our services as soon as you notice that your pet is not eating.

I’ve noticed my pet seems to be in pain when walking. What should I do?
When a pet seems to be walking or running in pain, it is probably due to an injury or arthritis. We can help determine the cause of the problem and provide an effective form of treatment so that your pet can move free of pain.

What can I do keep my pet healthy?
We recommend that you keep your pet’s weight at a healthy level and make sure your pet gets plenty of exercise. Proper vaccination, annual checkups, and a balanced diet are also highly recommendable. We would be happy to provide you with more tips on how to keep your pet healthy when you come in for a visit.

Do you offer boarding services?
Yes, we do! We offer pet boarding services so that our clients can feel at ease when they have to go away.

Why should I seek your center’s veterinarian services?
We are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and have been meeting the veterinarian needs of our community since 1958. Our licensed veterinarians are passionate animal lovers and are dedicated to protecting the health of our furry patients. Always thinking of the needs of our clients, we are open 7 days a week! When it comes to delivering high-quality services, we consider ourselves to be simply hard to beat.

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